You are what you eat. You eat how you feel. You feel how you are.

Grocery store bounty during a paleo experiment (January 2013)

Grocery store bounty during a paleo experiment (January 2013)

I was about to start this with, “If you are what you eat…,” but there is no “if” about it. I truly believe that we are what we eat. On Monday around lunchtime, I went down to the kitchen to re-heat leftovers (Paleo Butter Chicken with Cilantro Cauli Rice- recipes coming soon) for one of my first days experimenting with the Paleo diet. I felt so grateful and inspired by the beauty of all the produce overflowing from the bowl onto the counter that I just had to pull out the other food in the cupboards and refrigerator and take a picture of it. Then I pulled up a chair to the kitchen counter and wrote the following while staring at all those beautiful gifts…

Since I am what I eat, then after Sunday night’s grocery shopping, I am:
Colorful, nourishing, tangy, sweet, rich, wild, free range, a little salty, a little spicy, sometimes raw, ¬†sometimes still warm from the oven. I am layered, sometimes thin-skinned, sometimes thick-skinned, sometimes bruised, sometimes polished; with a solid core but also containing smaller seeds that I hope will be planted in someone’s mind, heart, and/or soul.

At times, I can break through the earth as I stretch up toward the edge of my boundaries, reaching toward a light and warmth that I can only feel with my heart and not with my head. Other times, I root down into the darkness, exploring crevices to quench my thirst and feed my soul with potent nutrients. I am branching out in all directions or preparing for the next round of growth. I am about to burst out of a flower bud or simply taking it all in and assimilating so I can, in turn, nourish others and do my part to keep it all going.

The abundance of this lies in what you see (in the attached picture, in yourself, in your life) rather than what is potentially missing. I chose each of these things while at the grocery store last night and these choices will nourish me. The cells of these foods will integrate with the cells in my body. What other choices are nourishing me right now? What is nourishing you?

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