“How art can heal broken places”

“In Taoist thinking, the darkest moment of the night or the most devastating place is the time and place most ready for transformation…But if a person wants to learn to be creative, to be innovative, go to the heart of the problem- go to the broken places. They offer some of the best opportunities for finding solutions. In this broken but open space, people can bring their seeds of creativity as offerings. When people start to share their talents and work with each other, there is cross-fertilization, and the more people share with each other, the more people connect at the heart level. When people do things based on this heart connection, it’s unstoppable. That primal source of energy begins to nurture people in a deep way. When we are nurtured, we nurture the things we do, we nurture our environment, and things begin to grow.”

– Lily Yeh, from Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart

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