Cyclical Nature is a blog of recipes and stories centered around cycles of human nature and Mother Nature.

Recipes collected are primarily gluten-free, gut- and travel-friendly foods aimed at supporting all of us in a high-functioning life on-the-go. I’ll likely never experience a stress-free life and I’d venture to say you won’t either so we might as well master the art of transmutation with food, exercise, and mind games (the nurturing kind).

The stories and blog entries are aimed at investigating the subtle beauties and vitality of this mind-blowing, sometimes chaotic, sometimes synchronous world we share.

My name is Stephanie and if I had to describe the horse I rode in on, it would have to include visual hooks such as lens flare, prisms and the sparkle of snowflakes or sunlight on water along with cultural overlays like striped tights and accordion music, coupled with worn leather and the rustic charm of rough-hewn logs, scratchy felted wool blankets and the smell of campfire smoke. My bachelor’s degree is in Horticulture Science, hence the draw toward cycles involving water, soil, weather, humans, and technology.

There is so much to explore in this lifetime…









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